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Copper Keltique  

       ~  is the new incarnation of  'Swynwr Copr Studios', bringing with it all the beautiful enticing copper pictures, boxes and greeting cards that our devoted customers have known and loved. From a very young age I was always by my father's side in his workshop, imitating everything he did, so when he started working metal, I did too. In the 50 years since then, I have honed my skills and discovered new techniques to produce what you see today.

   Repousse (from the French - 'to push') metal work has been around for thousands of years, decorating metal artifacts and utensils for ancient peoples like the Saxons, Vikings, Celts, ancient China and India, Egyptian and Mayan cultures.

    With a love of design, Art Nouveau & Deco and most especially Celtic Knotwork, it was ineveitable that this would come out in my work. Originally trained as a metal worker, Repousse became an outlet for my artistic side, incorporating my love of history.

    All work is made by hand, so no two designs will ever be exactly the same, except printed materials. Every picture and box comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove their provenance and originality as having been made in the Copper Keltique workshop by myself.
  I hope you enjoy the website,
     Philip Downing (Repousse Metal Artist)

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