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The Push and Pull of the Art of Repousse

Welcome to the Inside World of Copper Keltique.

In this blog, I would like to invite you into my journey, my inside world of creating pictures and boxes covered in metal, usually copper and pewter.

Early Days:

I've been playing around with metal since I was a kid, whether it was twisting copper wire & gemstones into pendants at Christmas for my Mum, sisters and grandmother, or cutting 2mm sheet brass into shapes and soldering safety pins on the back for brooches, a trick I discovered my Dad did in the army.

I've always loved art nouveau, celtic knots and other similar ancient designs, so it was a natural step to include it in my metal art of repousse.

My first picture was about 56 years ago as a very young child and it was 12 or more years before I re-engaged with the art. From those initial fledgling steps I kept working on different techniques, usually by experiment, so on the whole I am mostly self taught considering this was all before the internet, so it was library books or nothing. Now of course everything is available at the touch of a button, even for me.

For myself, I follow certain other artist/craftsmen and women on the web from all over the planet and am amazed at their work, making me feel quite humble with my efforts but also very encouraged that the craft of Repousse will not die out.

I hope that anyone following this blog might just be encouraged to give it a go and be the one to stop it going extinct.

if you would care to join me on this continuing journey, please:



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